Our experience and expertise allows us to offer the broadest possible range of services, including:

Engineering & Design

SafwayAtlantic has the largest Engineering, Research and Development Department in the industry available to work with you to solve the most complex urban access challenges. Supported by state-of-the-art, 3-D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and structural analysis software, our licensed civil, structural and mechanical engineers can assist you in developing innovative, comprehensive and highly-efficient solutions. We also offer SafScan, 3-D laser scanning imaging services, for when you need to establish a precise, accurate baseline of information and data to plan your project.

SafwayAtlantic has built its reputation on high-performance urban access solutions that meet exacting criteria, efficiently address traffic congestion and public access issues, and protect the visual aesthetics of a facility throughout a project. You can count on SafwayAtlantic to design solutions that are cost-effective and safe to help keep you on schedule and within your budget.

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Are you looking for programs to train your personnel? SafwayAtlantic is the only company in the industry with its own Training University. More than 40,000 customers, including OSHA employees, and over 40,000 of our own employees, have been educated through Safway’s Training University. We look forward to helping you to establish and reinforce excellence in work and safety practices.

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Labor Services & Personnel

SafwayAtlantic has the personnel required to handle every aspect of your project – from management to specialty-trained crews. Our staff also includes carpenters, painters, welders and on-site fabricators, who can work with you to create a unique access solution when needed. Locally-based, our professional work force provides fast and efficient labor and response on the job, as well as in emergency situations.

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Equipment Sales & Rental

SafwayAtlantic is your one-stop supplier for scaffolding, hoisting and access equipment sales and rental. Through our New York, New Jersey and Chicago metropolitan locations, you can be assured that you will have what you need – when and where you need it. In addition, SafwayAtlantic is able to provide the expertise of our carpenters, painters, welders, and on-site fabricators when you need a one-of-a-kind solution.

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Complete Project Management

Professional management of labor and inventory from start to finish is key to the success of any project. Once we begin work on site, you can count on SafwayAtlantic to provide experienced project management and field supervision. From pre-job conferences and on-site inventory management to the delivery of products and services, SafwayAtlantic’s project managers can oversee your entire job.

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